In House Home Improvement offers a wide variety of eco friendly options as part of our green seal reno program. Save money. Save our planet at the same time. Visit for more information on Canada's ecoENERGY retrofit program.


- Natural cotton fibre insulation
- Recycled or low VOC paint
- Bamboo, cork and low impact flooring
- Walltite polyurethane eco foam
- Insulated concrete forming (ICF)
- Thermal low e windows and doors
- Programmable thermostats &
- dimmers
- LED/CFL interior and exterior lighting
- Forestry stuardship council (FSC)
--rated custom cabinetry
- Metal roofing

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- Solar water heating (passive or active)
- Geothermal power
- Solar photovoltaic power
- Vertical axis wind generator
- On demand hot water system
- Heat pump
- Infloor radiant heating
- Stagared framing
- Double layered insulation
- (increased r value)
- Green roofing
- Drain water heat recovery


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